Warehousing management system

Koukkukuljetus manages the handling of chemical tanks in the IMO CT

Logistics company Koukkukuljetus manages the external and in-house logistics of its customers and has operated in Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) since back in 1982. Since then, the company has expanded its operations from KIP to other industrial parks such as Harjavalta, Pori and Siilinjärvi.

“KIP is the largest industrial park we operate in both in terms of size and the number of operators,” says Petteri Jukkola, managing director at Koukkukuljetus.

Koukkokuljetus is part of the Valtasiirto Group, which employs around 240 people at its branches in Kokkola, Pori, Harjavalta and Siilijärvi. The Group has about the same number of machines, around 200, that keep the everyday operations of these industrial parks rolling.

Koukkukuljetus Oy deals not just with transport in KIP, but also maintenance by, for example, keeping access routes free of snow, ice and other delays and hazards on the journey.

“Our latest job in KIP is handling tanks of hazardous chemicals in the new IMO CT.”

Jukkola praises the framework of the IMO CT as being ideal for the safe storage of tanks. Since there is an excellent tracking system for the tanks, warehousing management couldn’t be easier.

Besides KIP Infra’s IMO CT, many other companies in the industrial park employ Koukkukuljetus.

“When you know the operators and material flows in the industrial park, a logistics company like us can organize transport to benefit as many facilities operating in the park as possible.”

Jukkola considers the cooperation between different facilities and operators otherwise to be one of KIP’s strengths.

“There’s daily contact with other operators and we’re actively involved in innovating what things it’s worth doing in this industrial park. On top of this, there is a low threshold to ask us for advice and we often get enquiries about how we deal with things at Koukkukuljetus.”

Operating at the heart of the process industry where raw materials change rapidly poses its own challenges.

“A business operating here needs to be very flexible and adaptable. You need to be involved in change and to be agile as events evolve.” Through the years, the company’s cooperation with KIP Infra has generated various excavation work for infrastructure, industrial halls, hall foundations, cabling and road-beds. There has also been cooperation in the other direction with the letting of premises. For example, has leased warehousing premises from KIP Infra.