Warehousing management system


Visitor address
Satamatie 330
67900 Kokkola

Postal address
PL 17
FI-67101 Kokkola

Juha Ylitalo

Real Estate Manager
Tel. +358 50 593 4381

Invoicing information

E-invoicing information

The e-invoicing address is our EDI code: 003721577431

Our e-invoice operator is: CGI

CGI’s operator code is: 003703575029

Paper invoices:

KIP Infra Oy
PL 17
FI-67101 Kokkola

We kindly ask you to note that this address is for invoices only. Letters, enquiries and marketing material, etc. should be sent to KIP Infra Oy, PL 17, 67101 KOKKOLA.