Warehousing management system

Kokkola IMO CT

We have built the first commercial IMO field to have authorization from Tukes, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, in Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP). Our Kokkola IMO CT chemical storage concept includes not just an IMO field, but also our own CHESS warehousing management system.

The Park has 16 separately drained storage fields for tanks and closed bulk containers as well as capacity of 15 TEU for gas tanks. The 1.4-hectare field has a total capacity of 287 tanks (TEU). The site currently has a 4,050-m2 warehouse for solid, packaged non-inflammable chemicals and a second similar warehouse will be completed during 2020.

Our concept provides customers with safe, simple and flexible storage and logistics – even long term – both for raw materials and finished products.

Why Kokkola?

Kokkola IMO CT is located at the node of export and import industry flows, in the immediate proximity of the Port of Kokkola, alongside excellent rail links. KIP is home to a port as well as the largest inorganic chemical industrial cluster in Northern Europe.

Who is the service intended for?

Our chemical storage service is intended for existing and future production and logistics companies and for mining and forest industries, for example, operating in the KIP as well as for chemical trading companies or companies which handle their logistics through Kokkola.

Customer approach and convenience

All our IMO CT-driven logistics services are also built to meet customer needs.Kokkola IMO CT among other things makes our customers’ everyday business easier and eliminates the risks arising when customers store dangerous goods at their own site.

Our comprehensive service concept includes reception inspections, unit transfer and reception facilities (24/7), SOLAS VGM weighing as well as updating unit transport markings.

Guaranteed safety

The IMO field has a state-of-the-art fire suppression system, a spillage containment system and a containment area. A 24/7 camera surveillance and patrol system also operate in the area. Our CHESS warehousing management system ensures the tanks are placed in the field at the storage distances required in the field and also enables real-time inventory for the rescue and other authorities.

CHESS warehousing management system

Our CHESS warehousing management system (WMS) is quick, user friendly, transparent and secure. It provides storage field managers and the authorities with up-to-date information about the capacity and booking status of the storage area. Our customers can also use to among other things to order product deliveries direct to their production facilities and back to the storage place, make booking enquiries, book storage places, monitor their own facilities and have access to an up-to-date list of chemicals.


The concept has been developed in partnership with the Port of Kokkola and companies in Kokkola Industrial Park. Various authorities such as the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes, the Centre of Economic Development, Transport and the Environment as well as the Rescue Department are involved in developing operations as partners. Koukkukuljetus Oyis the storage logistics operator and subcontractors are SK Protect, Sweco, Kokkolan Teollisuusvesi and KIP Service.