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Investment in KIP helps in changing business cycles

The construction industry is sensitive to economic fluctuations, which can also occur at very short notice, something which, after more than 20 years in the business, Masa Siirilä at construction company Rakennusliike Siirilä is well aware of. Even though in spring the fallout from coronavirus had still not extended to construction company operations in Kokkola, Siirilä predicts that the biggest impacts will be seen during the autumn and winter.

According to Siirilä, the companies that remain afloat as the world changes are those able to offer their customers flexibility and service.

Besides customer experience, a company’s location is also of importance in the battle for narrowing streams of customers. This is why Siirilä also considers the location of his own business in the heart of Kokkola Industrial Park to be important.

“It’s really important to have a physical presence where the customers are. This improves demand offers of work as visibility among businesses in the industrial park increases.”

Rakennusliike Siirilä has been leasing premises for its operations in KIP for about a year. The company has managed to immediately take advantage of construction projects in the park and has been involved in, for example, building the booster stations in the IMO CT in KIP.

”All operators here in Kokkola Industrial Park are in principle our potential customers. All projects that take place here and involve construction in one way or another are potential orders for our company.”

Masa Siirilä has a pragmatic approach to the future post-corona.

”Concrete is concrete and corona hasn’t really affected it, nor has corona needed to affect our work either.”

Rakennusliike Siirilä leases an industrial hall from KIP Infra in Kokkola Industrial Park.