Warehousing management system

Business premises solutions

We lease plots and let business premises in the Southern part of Kokkola Business Park and where required will build the premises a customer requires.

We own 16 buildings in the Park and let these out and develop them. Our building stock consists of various types of premises supporting industrial services and are suitable for use as offices, commercial premises, warehousing, social facilities for staff, restaurant premises as well as service or repair operations. The buildings have a total surface area of around 20,000 m².

We are also building new premises and renovating existing ones to serve the needs of current and future actors located in the Park. At the design stage, the customer can specify its practical requirements and required spatial properties and based on this we take care of the design management. At the implementation stage, we build the premises and once completed let them to the customer. The customer’s representatives take part in both design and site meetings and can thus influence the decisions taken at the various stages of the project.

Our ongoing investment projects are:

Vacant premises:

KIP Center

In autumn 2021 we saw the completion of KIP Center, our modern, new office building in the Kokkola Industrial Park.


Premises ready to move into in the heart of Kokkola Industrial Park.

Club House

The Club House has vacant business premises and space suitable for office use.